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Why the Peloton Bike is SO Worth The Money

I purchased my Peloton bike in April 2017. I remember when I first saw the ads for the bike and fell in love with the entire concept. I also remember learning of the bike’s cost and thinking, ” I can’t spend that much money on a bike!”. Weeks past and I kept thinking about how

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Snow Day Workout: No Equipment Needed!

What would New England be without a big snow storm just weeks before Spring? You can never count on the weather going the way you would like living in this part of the country – that is why I like to have an arsenal of at home workouts. No excuses! Just because you can’t leave the

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Workout Essentials: At Home Workout

If you like to get your workout in at home, or just don’t have time to make it out to the local gym these are my favorite at home equipment pieces. I also believe you get the biggest bang for your buck on these. Exercise Bands: Exercise bands are amazing for at home workouts or

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