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Fatty Coffee

If you aren’t a breakfast person, or if you are trying to avoid protein and carbs in the AM then a fatty coffee could be quite beneficial for you. High quality fats in your morning coffee will keep you alert and will help to curb your cravings. I use grass fed heavy cream and MCT

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The Healing Powers of Reishi Mushrooms

After learning about our dog’s cancer earlier this month, my husband and I began doing tons of research on cancer fighting foods. We completely changed Desmond’s diet and at the same time made some changes in our own diets. On top of eating clean and organic foods we started looking into supplements. Did you know

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Craving Healthy Travel Snacks

There is nothing worse than a trip to mess up your current clean eating patterns. Well thankfully, you can stay healthy and also travel across the country! ( by plane – I can’t speak for a full driving cross country trip at this time) Next week I will be traveling to the West Coast. The

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