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Snow Day Workout: No Equipment Needed!

What would New England be without a big snow storm just weeks before Spring? You can never count on the weather going the way you would like living in this part of the country – that is why I like to have an arsenal of at home workouts. No excuses! Just because you can’t leave the

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First Trimester: Plan on not planning

As a health coach and overall wellness enthusiast I had a certain idea of how I would be as a pregnant person. I imagined I would stick to a very strict diet, continue with my regular workout routine, sleep 9 hours a night and glow like an angel from the heavens! What’s that quote? If

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Sugar Detox: Days 5 & 6

I can’t believe it is already day 6 of the Sugar Detox Challenge! I have a confession to make. My sugar intake has been between 25-35 grams all week according to My Fitness Pal, however I have been eating some simple carbs here and there. A true sugar detox would mean cutting out all simple

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Avoiding ALL Sugar: Sugar Detox Day 2

Day 2 of the sugar detox has come to a close. Today’s lesson : MEAL PREP Having your meals planned out ahead of time is always a good idea. Breakfast can be a tricky low sugar meal, especially when you don’t prep and wake up late for work. I love to have smoothies in the morning,

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Craving Sugar? 10 Tips To Beat Sugar Addiction

I can remember as a little kid I would love when my Grandparents would come to visit. I always asked them to bring me candy. I can so clearly remember big halloween bag sizes of Starbursts. I even made the wrappers into long chains of necklace.  I became known as the candy lover and wanted it all

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Strawberry Banana Icy Almond Shake

If you love dessert like I LOVE dessert, then you must try this recipe. You can make this as a shake or if you want to feel like your eating icecream add more ice and have a chunkier consistency so you can eat it with a spoon. Ingredients 1 cup whole frozen strawberries 1 ripe

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Cauli Rice Vegetable Stir Fry

No need to order vegetable fried rice from your local Chinese restaurant, you can make your own healthy AND yummy version at home. You will need a cast iron pan ( or regular fry pan if that is all you have) a sharp cutting knife, and all the ingredients below..

Sunflower Seed & Black Bean Burger

Tonight I made AMAZING vegan black bean burgers. I was feeling creative and needed to do something  with my overnight soaked black beans. I even had my meat loving husband asking for seconds. You can enjoy this meal even if you are not a Vegan. Be a little adventurous and try out this easy peezy

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Raw Food Reset: Day 2

As we come to a close on day 2 of my raw food reset challenge, I have discovered that following a raw diet is all about planning. It may sound silly, but if all you are eating is raw you need to be very careful about how many calories and macros you are taking in.

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