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Simple Chicken Fried Rice

Sometimes you have to throw together ingredients based on what is in the fridge. Here is a FAST and easy recipe for dinner on a late weekday night. Ingredients: 2 cups Pre-cooked Organic Jasmine Rice (Whole Foods has this in the freezer aisle.) 6 oz. Chicken Breast ( I happened to have a leftover rotisserie

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Healthy Cinco De Mayo Snacks

It is Cinco De Mayo and that means everyone is getting sloshed on margs and chowin down on tacos and burritos. Well, here at Good Craving I try to find ways to still enjoy such holidays but stay healthy! Here is a quick Cinco De Mayo themed recipe for you all to enjoy πŸ™‚ Joseph’s

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Good Craving: Turkey Chili Recipe

I love slow cooker recipes, but I also like “slow cooker” recipes that don’t have to be slowly cooked. Yes there are chilis and sauces that taste better when cooked over a longer period of time, but when time is not on your side you can throw together a delicious chili in a matter of

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