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Good Craving: Brain Dust

I recently purchased a container of Brain Dust, sold by Moon Juice. I had seen it mentioned in the Health and Wellness world on social media in the past and decided to give it a whirl. The name sounded cool (which is always a good reason to buy something, right?) and after looking through the

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MATCHA Tea Latte

I had been hearing about the Matcha Tea Craze for a few months now, but had never tried it myself. I attempted to get some at the local Starbucks, but the woman told me it has sugar in it and it came out of box. I had something “fresher” and less processed in mind, so

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My Top 5 Smoothie Ingredients

These are my go to ingredients when making a smoothie each day. Remember the below 5 ingredients should always be ORGANIC, Unsweetened, and come from reputable sources. I use other ingredients in conjunction with these 5, but these are by far my favorite πŸ™‚ Chia seeds – Chia meaning, “strength” in the Mayan language is

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