Dressing Room Talk

Most of us have been there. Whether we want to be or not. We all have last minute events, long awaited weddings, or just need a new pair of pants. No matter the reason, the dressing room has always been a point of contention for me. I can’t say that every dressing room incident has

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Positively Positive Day

There is nothing better than having a good day. Having a positive attitude is the first step to that good day, just like being in a negative mood can lead to bad day. Do you ever notice that when you are feeling crappy you give yourself permission to do unhealthy things? For example, if I am in

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Weekly Crave: MCT Oil

Welcome to Jackie’s weekly crave! This week I am all about the MCT Oil. MCT stands for Medium-Chain Triglycerides, they are a form of saturated fatty acid that has many different health benefits. It has been shown to improve cognitive function as well as better weight management. Right now, both of those are sounding pretty good.

Listen to Your Body

When a craving first begins, the first question should be “Is this thing I am craving, something good for me or something bad for me?” Sometimes when you think you are craving one thing, you’re body may actually be craving something completely different. For instance, you eat because you are hungry..or are you? Maybe, your body

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Let’s get GOOD

What determines a good craving vs a bad craving? Are all cravings created equally? We don’t need to be speaking in regards to food only. You can be craving a person, a place, a thing, But what makes a craving good or bad? Craving BAD + give into craving = guilty, shameful, angry, regretful. Craving

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