Good Craving is all about changing your bad cravings to good ones.

What is the difference between a bad craving and a good craving? Glad you asked!

A bad craving for one person, could be a good craving for someone else. Follow the below equation to get your answers to each craving:

Craving BAD + give into craving = guilty, shameful, angry, regretful.

Craving GOOD + giving into craving = happy, satisfied, excited, joyful.

The outcome of either good or bad depends on what your specific goals may be.

Take Fro-yo. Many people see frozen yogurt as a healthy alternative to ice cream. If person A gives into a craving for a sweet treat and has frozen yogurt instead of the ice cream they otherwise would have had, that would make that person happy and satisfied.

Now, take person B. They love sweets, but have been trying to cut back. They were not planning on having sweets that night, but Person A says,”C’mon, it’s not as bad as ice cream!” So person B gives in to the pressure and in turn feels guilty and regretful.

How can you possibly enjoy giving into a craving if you will just feel awful about it afterwards? Nobody ever felt BAD after an amazing workout or after a night of reading instead of watching Netflix before bed.

I have constantly struggled with my food and healthy lifestyle choices. The crazy part

Enjoying a cappuccino in Montreal 

about it is, I love healthy foods and exercising. I crave the healthy way of life, but still have fallen victim to the bad cravings.

The world we currently live in has constant temptations.

We are bombarded with processed foods and so called “healthy hacks” at every turn.

Over the last couple of years my cravings have gone from bad to worse.

I decided I was sick of craving BAD and ready to only crave GOOD.

There are of course times where I give in to a sweet treat, but I am learning to find a balance in every part of my life and now try to plan for splurges. It makes it way more fun!

A craving will often be associated with food or drink, but I have begun to apply this good craving mentality to every aspect of life.

Craving good excitement? Plan a trip to a place you have never been. Craving a new workout? Try a rock climbing class. Craving pasta? Give a crack at making your very own at home!

I am hoping to inspire myself and others to crave not only healthy foods, but a healthy and happy lifestyle.

I am a Health Coach graduate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and have been trained in over 100 dietary theories. While food is a huge part of one’s health and wellness, I believe that in order to feel completely nourished one must be fulfilled in the primary foods of their life. These primary foods include spirituality, career, physical activity, and relationships.

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