About Me


Everything in moderation!

 Hi, I’m Jackie and I have a Good Craving. As someone who grew up in a house filled with women who were always dieting, exercising or some combination of the two, I’ve had a vested interest in health and wellness for most of my life. This was further fueled by my dad who took me under his wing in the kitchen and taught me how to pull ingredients together to create delicious and well-balanced meals.

Even though I didn’t grow up in a home where dinners were cooked in microwaves and pulled from cans, I still had my fair share of Little Debbie’s (those were the best!) and probably more candy than a kid should have.

I remember eating a lot of sweets in my youth and then in my adulthood it became a true addiction. I had grown accustomed to eating whatever I wanted and also giving into my sweet tooth after each meal. My sugar cravings were clearly becoming an issue and after hitting my mid-20s I learned that it was not only affecting my weight but my skin and mood.

I hated the feeling of control that sugar had over me, so I began reading tons of books and researching recipes and ideas to help curb my craving. I was working as a personal trainer and loved sharing the things I was learning with my clients. As much as I loved helping women with their fitness goals, I also enjoyed speaking with them about nutrition and holistic health.

When my dad was diagnosed with stage IV esophageal cancer I was absolutely devastated. It affected my mental health as well as physical. Only then did it become truly clear to me that health and well-being was not just about the food you eat and the miles you run– it’s about every aspect of your life.

I enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a health and wellness coach so I could help others focus on their goals and stay inspired to stick to a healthy lifestyle.  While food is a huge part of one’s health and wellness, I believe that in order to feel completely nourished one must be fulfilled in the primary “foods of their life.” These primary foods include spirituality, career, physical activity and relationships. That’s where Good Craving comes into play. I’ve created this website in order to show you the tips, tricks, lessons and all the fumbles along the way in my holistic health journey. From workouts on the road to mental and physical decluttering, grocery shopping on a budget or creating a meal plan on-the-go.  Good Craving is here to help you overcome the BAD and give into the GOOD.


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