What I Am Feeding My 6-7 Month Old

After trying one ingredient purees for a few weeks, I started messing around with new flavors and mixtures to keep my Buddha baby happy. Below are my go-to’s, but I have also been buying premade jars —-> see links below for the brands I like most!

Baby cereal (1 -2 tbsp.)

1/4 mashed banana

cinnamon ( optional to get them to try new flavors, just a tiny pinch)

formula/breast milk (1-2 oz. the more you use the more liquidy it will be)

mix to desired consistency

*TIP: For the first few weeks mash the banana to liquid-type consistency and once they get into the eating groove you can start mashing it with less force and give them bigger mushed-up pieces as well as adding in more of the baby cereal for a heartier meal

2-3 tbsp. puree fruit mix (I like Happy Baby and 365 Whole Foods Pouches and Jars)

formula/breast milk/warm water (1-2 oz.)

Baby Cereal (1-2 tbsp.)

*TIP: You can add chia seeds (I would put them in a bowl with formula or water first to let them get tender) then add a teaspoon to the baby food you make. You can also experiment with nut butter if the baby has no allergies. Leo loved the mixture of banana with peanut butter.

We have also started giving Leo the teether crackers which he had a hard time eating before without gagging, but now has the chewing with his gums thing down.

Next month we will start experimenting with more fruits and veggies that he can eat with his fingers.

What are you feeding your baby? Share some ideas in the comments!

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