Why The Peloton (+) Bike Is So Worth The Money

I wrote about my love for the Peloton a few years back, and my love has only grown! As much as I LOVED my original Peloton, the moment I saw the Peloton+ come out I knew I had to have it. it was a no brainer – I had my bike for over 3 years and while it worked fine (calibration may have been off slightly) I could get something NEW with a $700 credit for trading in the old one. Side note: I ended up selling my old bike to my sister for a bit less, as I knew it would be life changing for her as it was for me.

If you are considering buying a Peloton bike, but aren’t sure if it makes sense to spend a bit more on the newer model, here are some of my thoughts and feedback.

  • The Peloton + has a better sound system: If you really want to rock out and blast the class the sound is great. If you use headphones it may not make that big of a difference. The speaker system is a cool new feature, but don’t let this be the only reason to spend more on this version.
  • Touchscreen is slightly bigger:I didn’t think I would care as much about 2″ larger, but turns out SIZE does matter! 😉 It looks great, but again not a deal breaker to go with the more expensive model bike, but definitely nice to have.
  • Swivel screen: This in my opinion is the best part of the new bike. I love the new bootcamp classes, and I also do plenty of other floor exercises. Seeing the instructor is much easier when you can move the screen towards your yoga mat and weights. If you can easily stream your Peloton to another screen in the room to workout or if the layout of your gym area works with the screen not moving, then this feature may not be as important to you.
  • Auto Follow Resistance: Truthfully, I do not use this feature. I can see how someone new to the bike would like it so they don’t have to think and just be forced into the instructor’s ask, but I find myself moving resistance around a lot, especially if I go over what the max is or feel I could add some more.
  • Apple Gym Kit: One of my favorite new features. I did use a HR monitor belt before and because I have the Apple watch I no longer use it. I hold my watch up to the screen camera before a class starts and it automatically starts my workout app on my watch and accurately tracks my HR and calories burned. There have been a few times the watch disconnected from the bike mid ride, but it has not happened since those few times.

The great thing about the Peloton is you can purchase and pay monthly with 0% interest (unless you have terrible credit, in which case you might want to save your money anyway and pay off those debts)!

I am obsessed with this bike and with this company. I would 100% spend the crazy amount of mooola on the TREAD if I had the space in my house. The instructors are top notch, the classes are great and it has been with me before my first child, through my first pregnancy, and post baby – and now a pandemic. I truly love this machine and to me $700 difference was worth the investment.

I will say that if you are just starting out on your exercise journey, or are super tight on money that there is NOTHING wrong with getting the original bike. The new features are sweet, but a large reason behind my upgrade was because I had ridden over 900 rides on my bike and was worried about how much longer I would have it in such great condition. It seemed like the smart thing to do, especially because I plan on riding or using the app basically every single day for the foreseeable future.

Below is the full outline of the differences between the bikes.

If you are thinking about purchasing a Peloton bike of your own be sure to use my referral code: HBGZ88

By using the code you will get $100 towards accessories when you buy the bike. 

this is me on the original Peloton with my under 3 month old watching as I sweat it out on the third floor of my old apt. She is now over 2 years old and still watches/scares me by trying to walk over to me while I ride.


  1. Love it! The Peloton is definitely a game changer! I have often said the same as you – would buy the tread in a heartbeat if I had the space! Great post! I had been wondering about the Bike+.


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