Homemade Bone Broth

Wow, October has been one SICK month. Not sick in a, “sick hairdo bro” way. Actually SICK month. Thankfully it was not COVID, just a plain old cold which then turned into a sinus infection. I then passed this sickness on to my husband who is not on day 3 of his antibiotics. His cough and way of collecting phlegm (did I spell that right?) in his throat could push a woman to divorce. That is why I had to make some bone broth.

Bone Broth has been known to help with: Joint Pain, Fight Inflammation, Aid in Weight Loss, Improves Sleep and Brain Function, Nutritious and helps fight against illness

I am sure you have heard of bone broth. Sure, you can buy it at your grocery store in a jar, but nothing is like the real thing cooking for over a day in your own home. All you need is:

Slow cooker

Apple Cider Vinegar (2-3 tbs.)

Water (enough to cover bones)

Salt & Pepper to taste

Grass Fed or the best quality Beef Marrow Bones you can find

You can ask your butcher for marrow bones or look in the freezer section of your grocery store and you may be able to find some there. I use beef marrow bones, but you can use chicken bones as well, you just need a lot more.

Bone broth is all about getting the healthiest nutrients from the bones. As the ingredients slow cook their nutrients are released into the water in a form your body can easily absorb. By slowly cooking the bones they breaks down the collagen and this releases all the goodness into the broth. Adding vinegar is important because it helps pull all of the valuable nutrients out of the bones.

Marrow provides vitamin A, vitamin K2, minerals like zinc, iron, boron, manganese and selenium, as well as omega 3 & omega-6 fatty acids.

After you are done slow cooking them use a strainer to pull all the broth into a large bowl. I use a smaller holed strainer to get all the little doodads out of the water. You will also want to toss those bones out, do not let your dog chew on them after they have cooked as they could splinter and hurt the pup.

Let cool and place in fridge. After a few hours you will see a layer of fat harden at the top of the bowl. Use a fork and pull this off and toss.

Re-heat the broth when you are ready to sip. You can also add to stir frys or your dog’s dry food. Healthy for humans and healthy for pets! Store in fridge for up to 5 days or freeze for later.


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