Buffalo Broccoli Bites

Trying to make something taste crispy and delicious, while also staying on the healthier side can be difficult. It seems like, in order to get something super crispy you need to deep fry it in oil with a thick batter of milk and butter. Sure, that is delicious and a fun appetizer when you go out to eat ( think wings, french fries or onion rings ), but how can we get that yummy app vibe at home while simultaneously trying to not be a gluttonous pig? Below is my latest recipe I have used to satisfy that buffalo fried craving, using healthier ingredients and an air fryer.

I used 1 large bag of Organic frozen broccoli florets. I have not tried this recipe with raw broccoli, but I am sure you could follow the same recipe, with shorter cook time. The Buffalo Sauce I used was a no sugar added brand called “WingTime“. Always check the ingredients for low or preferably No added sugar.

Dredge your broccoli in your batter (see ingredients listed below) and place on your air frying rack. If you do not have an air fryer you can certainly try this recipe on a baking pan in the oven at 400 degrees. Be sure to spray your pan with coconut oil spray or olive oil spray before spreading your broccoli out so it doesn’t stick.

Air fry for 15-20 minutes at 375 degrees. You want it to look slightly browned and crisped, but not burned!

In a large bowl mix 1/4 cup buffalo sauce with cooked broccoli. Place back in air fryer for another 3-5 minutes then remove and enjoy with fresh squeezed lemon.

Batter Ingredients

  • 1/4 cup Rice Flour
  • 1/2 cup milk (you can try unsweetened almond milk too)
  • Salt, Pepper, Cayenne Pepper, Onion Powder ( 1 tsp. each)
  • 1 tbs. baking powder

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