What to do when you are feeling under the weather

There is that weird in between stage of not feeling quite 100%, but not totally sick. You feel a bit run down, maybe your throat hurts or it just has that weird tired feeling. You know what I mean – the impending sickness. You feel it coming, but don’t know exactly how you are going to feel the next morning. While every sickness and feeling can be different depending on the person and the germs, there are some steps you can take to maybe, JUST MAYBE stop the sickness in its tracks, or at least prevent the symptoms from being the worst they can be.

1.Rest. Yes, seems pretty obvious right? You would think this would be easy enough, but for me a mom of a 2 year old and workout fanatic / constant cleaning freak I have a hard time just sitting still. Sleeping a full 7-8 hours is ideal, and trying to take a nap during the day if you can will help your body re-charge and fight whatever is creeping into your immune system. For me, it means don’t do some intense cardio ( I really like my Peloton). If you must move, look for a low impact yoga or stretching class. Meditation is also a great tool to relax.

2. Drink. Sorry, I don’t mean orange juice for the “vitamin C”, which is a crock anyway. (OJ is filled with sugar and that is the opposite of what you want to fight a sickness. If you need to get Vitamin C you are better off eating an orange or green and red bell peppers which have just about the same MG of vitamin C as a sugar filled orange. Broccoli is great too!) I am talking about WATER! You should drink at least half your body weight in oz. of water a day all the time, but it is especially important when you are feeling crumby. It helps to loosen up mucus if you have a cold and keeps you hydrated and flushes out toxins. No need to drinks gallons, but be sure to avoid other liquids aside from H2o.

3. Food. Avoid sugar and processed junk. This should go without saying, but hey – it needs saying! Sugar is always bad, and yet I love it so… Anyways, sugar causes inflammation and this makes your body work overtime. Your immune system is working on calming inflammation rather than fighting bacteria and germs. All of your energy should go towards fighting the sickness not fighting the crappy sugary foods you consumed. This goes for dairy and alcohol too. Sugar is hiding everywhere, so to be safe avoid all foods that come in a package. Stick to veggies and low sugar fruit as well as high quality protein. Homemade soup is a good bet!

Ok- now it’s time to do a low impact yoga flow class while the baby sleeps. I told you I have a hard time sitting still!

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