Toddler Cold Remedies

My almost 17 month old was hit with one of the worst colds she has ever had. I knew it would be bad because I had just gotten over the same cold a few days earlier. (It was a doooozy!)

As many mom’s (and dads) know there are no cold and cough medicines like we use as adults for babies and toddlers, but after research and collecting information from other mom’s I found out about some awesome products that are safe for baby. Check out my list below and hopefully this helps your little one feel better soon!

Maty’s Healthy Products, LLC

All of these products are made with real authentic organic ingredients that support a healthy immune system. They don’t use hydrogenated oils, “natural” fragrances, chemicals, dyes or drugs. All the ingredients consist of real foods like honey, apple cider vinegar, chamomile, and peppermint. You can find cough syrups and chest rubs that can help with your baby or toddler’s symptoms. (They also sell products for adults!)

Zarbee’s Naturals

All products use powerful natural ingredients and don’t contain: drugs, alcohol, gluten, or artificial flavors, sweeteners, and dyes. Zarbee’s is the #1 pediatrician-recommended cough syrup brand for kids 10 and under. They carry products specifically for ages 0-12 months (which do not contain honey) and additional products for ages 1-12 and 12 years and older. I have been using their chest rub for Siena which has Eucalyptus, lavender and beeswax as the main ingredients as well as their cough and mucus syrup which has been working wonders.

Saline Spray

Oddly enough, my 17 month old loves getting her nose sprayed with saline solution. I have been using multiple brands (Arm & Hammer Simply Saline which has a picture of Elmo on it) and have found most are baby friendly. I also came across Little Remedies which carries multiple sprays that are ok for babies and toddlers to use.

Some other items and quick tips to keep in mind during these germ filled moments:

  • humidifier
  • booger suckers
  • soft tissues
  • Vaseline for their irritated noses
  • baby Motrin or Tylenol if fever is happening
  • Folded blanket tucked under the sheet to prop the head up (Siena sleeps like a wacko so this didn’t work for her.)
  • 2 bathing’s a day – I have been giving Siena a bath shortly before her nap time to help clean her and also loosen all the mucus and snot up with warm washcloth. It has helped her get nice and tired and ready for along snooze. Then another shower with me before bed with lots of steam to help loosen up the mucus and again knock her out!
  • Fresh air! If it is not too cold try and get a little walk in to help provide them with some Vitamin D and just get them out of the house. It will also help tire them out so they can get in extra zzz’s.
  • Try to avoid a lot of dairy and mess around with some healthy green smoothies that aren’t too high in sugar. Remember, food = medicine.

Lastly… lots of snuggles and some Sesame Street thrown in there too.

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