Mindfully Patient

I purchased a book called the Mindfulness Pocketbook. I skimmed it once, really liked what I saw and then forgot about it for 3 months.

In an effort to be more mindful, I am going to be mindful about opening up this super easy to read pocket-book and read one chapter a day and share some thoughts with you all!

Today was about having patience in the unfolding of events and understanding that things in life develop in their own time. Life is always in a process of change and unfolding and by keeping that in mind, learn to be in the moment.

As I age and realize, “holy shit – time does go by fast”, I have made it my mission to start stressing less about things that won’t matter and focus more on living in the moment. easier said than done..

Trust is a big part of this mindfully patient thing. Not only trust not in some higher being, but trust in yourself that you will be OK and figure it out and even trust in your partner or friend. (depending on the situation, right?)

I recently posted an image on IG of my once super gutted living room alongside another image of the finished product today. It was about 4 years ago that we bought the house I currently live in, and decided to tear it down to the studs.

At the time, I was super anxious about the whole process. The amount of time it was taking was one part plus all the money involved. Looking back, I really don’t know how we did it! Money was borrowed ( thanks Mom! I will pay you back one day..) and because we bought the house with my brother in law, it wasn’t all coming from my husband and I’s wallet. We also were lucky enough to have somewhere to live for FREE until we could move in. (shout out to the in-laws!)

There are certain situations we decide to put ourselves in and there are some we do not. I would have NEVER bought a fixer upper or made such huge decisions if it wasn’t for my entrepreneurial, risk taking, business savvy husband. Today I am happy he helped to push me out of my comfort zone.

In whatever situation you might be in today, the point is… if we can be more present in the moment and more patient that can only help us get through it easier. So why put ourselves through the agony of worry/regret/stress?

What situation current or past comes to mind for you? Are you currently impatiently and unhappily waiting for the next thing or for something to come to a close? I hope this post helps to put some things into a mindfully patient perspective.

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