Go take a walk!

Do you ever just go for a walk? I mean, really go for a walk.

I walk all the time. I have a dog, so walking him is usually a part of my daily routine. However, there is a totally different mindset when I am rushing to get him exercise in the dead of winter VS a leisurely walk and enjoying my surroundings.

Walking has a ton of benefits. It is exercise for the body, and can also be meditative for the brain. Here are ways to enjoy your next walk:

Stop and smell the roses.Literally, stop and smell the roses! As Spring approaches and turns to Summer and Fall look around and enjoy the smells and sounds of the seasons. Flowers and trees are blooming and if you are not suffering from seasonal allergies, take your time to enjoy the views. Maybe snap some pics?

Make a killer playlist. Music is a great to listen to when exercising and can keep you motivated to keep moving whether you are counting your steps or not. Create a playlist that is upbeat and motivating, or find a great podcast. Who cares if people look at you funny when you start singing your heart out or laugh out loud.

Meditate. I am not the best at meditating. I have tried to follow along with classes and do it every day, but I almost always forget. THAT’S OK! We do the best we can, and a walk could be the perfect outlet to let your mind shut off and just be. Sure, you are “walking”, but you can walk and be at complete peace. If you have a hard time walking in silence you can find some white noise, or ocean sounds to listen to. (Unless you are lucky enough to live near the ocean and can actually walk on the beach..in which case I am very very jealous.)

CREATE. Walking can help you process thoughts (yes, opposite of shutting off your thoughts) and help your creative process. Sometimes your best ideas can come to you when going for a walk. Research suggests that walking outdoors can “opens the free flow of ideas”. Just try to remember them all by the time you get home!

Now get off your hiney and get outside!

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