Why everyone should have a dog

I struggled with the title of this post. First I typed, “Why everyone should own a dog”, then realized my dog own’s me more than I own him. That could be his lack of obedience, or my lack of proper training. (did I mention I have a new baby?)

Pack leader or not, I have always treated my pups like part of the family. I have cancelled plans or created my daily schedule around my dog’s needs. Having a baby has not changed that – only exacerbated it as I am determined to not let Barney feel excluded or neglected.

With all that said, it is totally worth it! Below is a list of all the reason’s a dog is good for YOU and makes your life better.

  1. Exercise: You will get more physical activity in. Assuming you are a GOOD dog owner, your pup should be getting AT LEAST 30-60 min of active fun a day. This could include walking, jogging, or just playing with your furry pal. I have gotten sweaty just play chasing or throwing the ball around. (Barney tends to leave the ball at the other end of the yard and I have to go get it…)
  2. Babies: They say that having your baby grow up around dog’s will help them avoid allergies in the future. Living in a home with a dog will build up their immunity. I am sure this is not always the case, and it would be awful if you had to get rid of Fido because baby was too allergic, but their are always hypoallergenic doggies.
  3. Safety: Barney has a loud bark. It could definitely scare off intruders. Unfortunately, he is also really good at waking the baby from a peaceful nap. I have never seen him bite anyone, but he is super protective and I always know if someone is coming into the house.
  4. Reduces Stress: Spending time with dogs can lower your anxiety & blood pressure. Your serotonin and dopamine increases by being around a dog as well. These two neurochemicals affect your calmness and overall mood. Studies have also shown that tension and stress is eased in the office place with dogs around. (Can someone please tell the owner of my company this??!)
  5. Sick less often:Having a dog in your home means you are exposed to more germs. More bacteria and lets face it..dirt is in the home. I am the one who lets the dog sleep in the bed with us, so I am actually doing myself and my husband a favor! We get sick less often, because we are so exposed to bacteria and germs from our Barney boy.

Hopefully these reasons helped convince you how amazing having a dog is. Why do you love having a dog so much? Leave a comment below!


  1. On my worst days I knew I had to get out of bed and take care of Daisy. Once you get up and outside you start feeling better.


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