Pain After Pregnancy

I was hesitant to start writing about this issue I am having as I am still in the midst of healing and finding a solution to the problem. However, I think it is important to share what I am going through to help anyone else who has had or is having this same problem. ( I can’t be the only one!!)

I delivered my baby girl via c-section in August of this past year. It has been just under 6 months and I still have pain when performing certain exercises. I was pretty active during my entire pregnancy and as soon as I was given the OK to workout again I hit the Peloton bike and started light weight training. To change it up I wanted to perform other cardio exercises.

I noticed when jogging outside with the dog or running/jogging on the treadmill I was having pressure like pain in my pelvic area. It felt like I was still holding onto a full term baby and I had the need to hold onto my belly and suck in (kegel) when moving. Hours after the run I would have sharp pains in my pubic bone, to the point where I would wake up in the middle of the night and have to get ice.

I told my OBGYN at my last visit and she said at this point I should not be having any pain and maybe I should just “not run”. She ordered an ultrasound just in case, but overall I was not super thrilled with her answer.

The ultrasound came back fine and now here I sit wondering if I can ever run again (without pain). It seems odd to me that a healthy, 31 year old who is active can’t go for a run after having her first baby. So, as most people do I am taking my health into my own hands. Sorry doc, “just don’t run” doesn’t sit well with me.

Here is what I have found so far ( FYI I asked my OB if it was related to pelvic floor and she said no? But, that isn’t what my research is showing.)

-Pelvic pain after pregnancy is very common.

-It can occur after childbirth due to the loosening of ligaments and joints during pregnancy which occurs as the body works to strengthen the pelvic floor and hip rotators.

-Your pelvic floor is a muscle that forms your “deep” core. It supports your bladder, uterus, and colon. It can be affected, both positively and negatively, by tight glutes, groin, hamstrings, and hips. I definitely need to stretch more!

– During pregnancy your hormones are telling the pelvic bones to expand & loosen to get ready for a baby to be delivered. The ligaments are much looser, and they remain so after delivery (whether you had c section or not).

– If you are nursing (WHICH I AM), your ligaments will stay loose until you decide to stop nursing.  the doctor did not tell me any of this!

So now that I know I am NOT CRAZY! I am going to take stretching much more seriously and kegel til the cows come home. You can also find tons of pelvic floor exercises online.

If you are having this same issue, make sure to talk to your doctor first and remember you are not the only one!


  1. I’ve had pain in the area of my incision during exercise for literally years. Not always bad, and never as severe as what you describe. But, I have been almost continuously breastfeeding and pregnant throughout that time (except for 2 months out of 6 years). I think you are on to something about the ligaments and everything still being loose. I also personally feel that mine is related to scar tissue as well. I hope you have less pain soon and can workout like before!


    • Yes! My incision area feels like a deep bruise when I press on it, but doesn’t bother me when I exercise. The pelvic pain is below the incision .. BF is HARD WORK and I never knew how it could be affecting other parts of my post partum recovery. KUDOS to you for having such a long period of pregnancy/BF. Thanks for reading 🙂


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