Manifesting The Crap Out of 2019

I am a few days late to the New Year Post, but the thought of manifesting has been taking over my brain and I had to word vomit out onto this post.

Manifesting Manifesting Manifesting..!

It seems like a magical concept to me. If you want it – take it – the world is your oyster!

What does manifesting mean?

Does it mean you simply think about something real hard that you want and get it?

No it isn’t that simple.

Like anything else, it takes work, it takes time, it takes energy.

You have to believe in what you want and visualize it. You also need to break it down, right? First off – you need to be clear on what you want. DO NOT BE VAGUE.

For example: I want more money and to go on an expensive trip!

Next step: What does that look like? Be as specific as possible. 

I want to have enough money to live comfortably and go on that lavish vacation.

I want to pay off my student loans and car loan and save enough money to go on that 2 weeks Hawaiian Vacation. 

Next Step: What steps will I take to get these things accomplished?

How much is left to pay off these bills? What am I currently spending extra money on? How much do I need to put aside each week/month to pay more off on these bills? How much does this vacation I want to go on actually cost? What can I change right now to work towards these goals?

Next is working with that sweet ol Universe. You can do this by meditating, prayer, and VISUALIZING. Create a vision board with pictures and words to help you stay focused.

What do you want? Don’t hold back. This is your life, so LIVE IT! Sometimes it feels like I (you too?) are just moving along day to day and not doing the things you really want to be doing. How can we break this cycle and start living the life we really want?

It is a new year – a fresh start – a time to start looking at your world, your life differently and working towards the life you want to live every single day.

MANIFEST BABY – it is my new mantra. Here’s to goal setting, and visualizing how to reach for them. It isn’t easy, and it shouldn’t be – that’s what makes it so rewarding.


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