Breastfeeding 101 From a New Mom

When I say Breastfeeding 101, I mean tips and advice that I wish I had known before starting to BF. Some of these may be obvious to you, but I knew NOTHING when I first had my baby girl and I wish someone had given me a clue as to what I was in for.

Tip #1

Breastfeeding is HARD! I was in the hospital for a whole week before going home, so I was able to have some help from lactation consultants and nurses. With that being said, once you go home it is all up to you to figure this ish out. I had a C-section so moving up and down was already quite painful. My tip is, just get through the first 3-4 weeks. It is complete chaos and there is no schedule. Just do your best and try to sleep as much as you can. I still look back now ( only 12 weeks have gone by!) and I can’t believe how many times I was up throughout the night. I promise you, each day gets better.

Tip #2

Empty your boobies.

Yes, empty them. This is coming from someone who has gotten mastitis 3x. I didn’t know much about mastitis before having my baby. I had heard it was painful, but didn’t know what really caused it. Luck of the draw? Perhaps. Some women have no issues with clogged ducts or mastitis, but lucky me just couldn’t get enough of it! So how does it happen? Not emptying your boobies. I didn’t realize that when baby got a bottle, I still had to get up to pump, when baby slept through a feeding, I still had to pump. Your boobs are full, and they need to be emptied.

Tip #3

If you can afford it, buy the Willow Breast Pump. You can read my review HERE. You will be so much happier when using this item. When you are basing your every hour around when you have to pump next, this will be a lifesaver. You can pump in the car if you need to or cook and clean with these suckers on you. (sucker’s being the operative word.)

Tip #4

As baby gets bigger the breast feeding, in my opinion gets much easier. With that being said, in the first month or two you will want to use products that make it easier for baby to feed and keep you both comfortable. Look into nursing pillows that will make your feedings go smoother. My favorites are My Breast Friend, (from newborn to 1 month) and Boppy Nursing Pillow (when they are 1 month or older).

Tip #5

Do whatever works for you. I have learned a lot from my experiences over the last 12 weeks. I don’t know how long I will BF for. Maybe 3 more months, maybe 10? Instead of drawing a line in the sand I am going to take it day by day and see how it goes. Bottom line, a happy mom = a happy baby. If the process is driving you nuts then baby is going to feel your vibes.



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