The Willow Breast Pump Review

I am extremely lucky to have such loving and generous in laws who purchased The Willow Pump for me a few weeks ago. They saw how much my world revolved around the whole pumping schedule and how annoying it was for me to sit alone in another room to pump for 20-30 minutes at a time. I plan on breast/bottle feeding for as long as possible so when I heard about the Willow I knew I had to have it.

You can learn all about The Willow by visiting their webpage!

This breast pump is quite pricey which is why I felt it was important to share my thoughts.

First things first. Why is pumping such a pain?

Reasons typical pumping mechanisms stink:

  • Unless you have a special bra, you have to hold the bottles as you pump into them.
  • Corded means you have to be close to an outlet.
  • Battery ones are only good for a small period of time and you burn through the batteries way too fast.
  • Messy + drippy throughout the pumping sessions.
  • They make a lot of noise and have different settings you need to change throughout the session.
  • You have to do it privately so you don’t make your friends feel awkward with your nipples being sucked in and out of a tube.

fullsizeoutput_3a1What Makes The Willow Breast Pump Different:

  • Charges into a wall like an iPhone. This means NO batteries to buy and NO cords!
  • Works best with maternity bra, but not necessary. ( it suctions better with one though.)
  • Once fully charged it will work for 2-3 sessions (depending on how long you go of course.)
  • Bags are completely sealed so no dripping.
  • Pump is quiet.
  • It comes with a phone app! You can watch as the ounces fill the bag and it will let you know if the latch has come off or if the bag is full. You can look back on how many ounces you have pumped in the app’s history as well.
  • They offer phone consultations to ensure you are getting the most out of your pump.

So, is it worth the money?


  • I can pump with people around and do it relatively discreetley.
  • Storage of the milk is easy with the bags inside the pumps. Also takes up less room in the freezer.
  • Portable – take with you on the go and pump on the go if you need to!
  • No more feeling lonely as your friends watch tv in the other room. I used to talk to company from a separate area of the house while I pumped. “Hey, what are you guys doing out there?!”
  • If you are waking up in the middle of the night to pump you can do this while sitting up in bed. Maybe even sleep while doing it?
  • I do like the size of the bags, however please note that you can only use their bags and you have to order them from their website. They cost $12 for 24 bags.


I hope this review helps some of you make a more informed decision. Let me know what you think.

Happy pumping!

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