Desmond’s Cancer Journey: Supplements and Diet

Shortly after we learned of Desmond’s Lymphoma Diagnosis we looked into all the holistic treatments. We knew he would be going through chemotherapy and that meant his immune system would be compromised. Just like humans, a dog’s diet should be looked at as well.

I highly recommend reading The Dog Cancer Diet by Dr. Demian Dressler. You can download the Ebook for free by clicking HERE

We found this book to be extremely helpful. It breaks down the types of food your dog should be eating in order to fight the cancer and how to cook and prepare the foods. I definitely struggled with the meal prep and portion amounts in the beginning. Desmond was a large dog which meant a large amount of food had to be prepared. This can be time consuming and over whelming – also expensive.

DO YOUR BEST! Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t feed your dog the exact diet every day. After we got Desmond into his first remission we decided to give him dry food (Halo Brand which is recommended in the book) and the prepped food at night for dinner.

Below is what Desmond’s meals consisted of:

1/2 lb. boiled organic chicken breast

1 cup boiled organic broccoli

1/3 cup boiled organic brown rice OR steel cut oats

*Bone broth poured on top when we had it cooked

This is what the meals looked like after I blended together. I could make about 5 meals at a time to keep in the fridge.

Aside from Desmond’s food, we also started him on multiple supplements. We learned about these from the Dog Cancer Diet Book. Most of these could be ordered on Amazon.

Apocaps : These pills are about $60 a bottle. Desmond needed 3 pills 3x a day. If you can afford these for your dog I highly recommend you get them. Apocaps support normal Apoptosis (Programmed Cell Death) with Natural Plant-based Bioflavonoids.

Digestive Enzymes: These will help your dog digest his/her food and help them digest and absorb nutrients. You can sprinkle this on the wet food about 30 minutes before they eat.

K9 Immunity: These pills are used to help strengthen and balance your dog’s immune system. These were important for us to give to Desmond while he was getting his chemo treatments. Aloha Medicinal’s sells this supplement and is highly recommended in the dog cancer diet book.

Fish Oil: Whether your dog has cancer or not, consider getting them fish oil. It helps with their coat and the omega 3 fatty acids help with joint, heart, and immune system health. Desmond had 2-3 pills a day. Again, the importance of Omega 3 is discussed in the Dog Cancer Diet book.

We also gave Desmond over the counter Pepcid to help with acid and burping. The lymphoma was affecting his digestive system in the beginning stages and this seemed to help a lot. 


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