Fatty Coffee

If you aren’t a breakfast person, or if you are trying to avoid protein and carbs in the AM then a fatty coffee could be quite beneficial for you.

High quality fats in your morning coffee will keep you alert and will help to curb your cravings.

I use grass fed heavy cream and MCT oil in my fatty coffee. We also only use organic coffee beans. (no pesticides for me please!) 

Some prefer to put butter in their coffee instead of cream, but I just can’t jump on that butter train.

Research has shown that the foods you eat in the morning affects what your metabolism and body uses to fuel the body for the rest of the day. This is why if you eat junk (pancakes, cereal, bread, juice etc..) you experience more carb cravings for the remainder of the day.

Eat high quality fats in the AM –> body burns fat for fuel –> leads to fat loss

Makes sense, right?

What I Use:

1 tsp. of grass fed heavy whipping cream

1 tsp. of MCT Oil ( I like Nutiva Organic)

Organic Ground Coffee

and mix with frother or blender cup


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