First Trimester: Plan on not planning

As a health coach and overall wellness enthusiast I had a certain idea of how I would be as a pregnant person. I imagined I would stick to a very strict diet, continue with my regular workout routine, sleep 9 hours a night and glow like an angel from the heavens!

What’s that quote? If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans?

It turns out you have no control over how your body will react to this growing baby inside of you and the way you had hoped and dreamed it would be is just not the case. (Not to say that other women have the same experience as me, everyone is different-some luckier than others..) There are hormones and other fun things happening each and every second of the day and this can make you feel like a crazy person.

Healthy foods I was eating on a regular basis lost their appeal and the only foods that helped with my frequent nausea were crackers, chips, and cereals. I hated that I was eating those foods, but I also knew that the stress of beating myself up wasn’t good for me. What I decided to do was find balance. If I was going to be snacking more with foods I wouldn’t typically eat, then I needed to make sure I was exercising each day, drinking tons of water, and fitting in other healthier meals.

We do the best we can and at the end of the day we just want to feel good and not guilty. I 2018-01-15 15_19_54-v1.dDsxNDQxNjY7ajsxNzU1MTsxMjAwOzE1MzY7MjA0OA (206×305)am certainly not giving myself a free pass to constantly eat garbage and lay around watching the entire Seinfeld series on Hulu, but I am saying you can find a balance with all that you do.

This is my first pregnancy and I am only now towards the end of my first trimester. I hear things get better once you make it to the second. The nausea has subsided and the urge to chug green smoothies and eat leafy greens has come back full force! I make sure to exercise every single day, even if it is just 20 minutes of cardio I make sure to SWEAT! It is the only thing that makes me feel like myself and gives me more energy, even if it is just temporary.




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