Coconut Oil : Winter Fixes

We cook with it, we eat it and we even rub it on our bodies. Coconut oil is super versatile and has come in handy over these cold winter months. Here is how I have been using it lately.

Hair Care: Between the below freezing temps and the casual coloring my hair is prone to breaking and splitting. Over the past week I have been heating up coconut oil and combing it through my entire head of hair. It will make your hair look and feel greasy, but if you have time during the weekend mornings or at night before bed – I highly suggest trying this out. It keeps your hair from drying out and the vitamins and essential fatty acids naturally found in C.O. nourish the scalp too!

Cracked Feet: Anyone else suffering from super dry heels? As much fun as it is to pick away (Amiright?) the aftermath aint pretty. Try rubbing C.O. over your your feet and cover up with a sock. You can do this at bedtime or right before heading out to work. Come sandal season you will be the softest footed babe outside.

Afternoon Smoothie: Lately I have been hitting these mid afternoon slumps and instead of drinking another cup of coffee I have been making green smoothies with a spoonful of coconut oil. C.O. is made up of medium chain fatty acids (or Triglyerides), which are easy to digest and sent right to the liver for energy production. Woo! By traveling directly to the liver, it is not stored as fat and actually can help boost your metabolism.

How do you use coconut oil? Comment below!





  1. I use coconut oil as a makeup remover, face cleaner and face moisturizer! Have been using it everyday for a year and my skin has never looked so good. Not to mention, I have saved a tonne of money on beauty products !

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    • That is great! Coconut oil is a natural way to clean your face and stay moisturized. You never know with some of those other products on the market – they have tons of fillers and chemicals.


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