5 Day Low Sugar Challenge

The word detox can sound a bit intimidating, so let’s try this… Low Sugar Challenge!

We always have those moments where we step back and realize those treats and snacks and desserts here and there are getting a little out of control. Instead of doing some insane NO sugar detox try something a bit more gentler and do-able for you.

I have come up with a 5 day (yep, that is it!) challenge to watch your sugar intake and aim for 20 grams or lower each day. This takes some prepping and it definitely takes diligence when eating your meals. You would be surprised at how many foods contain sugar. Another important thing to remember during this 5 day challenge is that sugar, no matter the source is still sugar. This means that fruit needs to be examined just like everything else.

I am not saying NO fruit I am saying eat fruit but stay within 20 grams. 1 banana contains 14 grams of sugar so maybe instead of an entire banana you just eat 1/2 of one? Or skip the banana and go for a lower sugar fruit option like blueberries.

If you are interested in the 5 Day Low Sugar Challenge sign up below to receive some handy dandy tips and a free Day 1 Meal Plan.

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