Tired Or Just Lazy?

How can you tell the difference between “needing rest” or just being completely lazy?

That is the question I have been pondering over the last couple of days.

I typically like to work out first thing in the morning. Of course the first few mornings are hard but as your brain and body get used to waking up it gets easier and easier.

So what do you do when the alarm goes off and you DO NOT want to get up?!

a. Ask yourself “Did I get a solid amount of sleep last night?” if you went to bed later than usual or were tossing and turning all night it is worth it to get that extra sleep to avoid carb cravings for energy throughout the day.

b. If I don’t workout now, am I going to be able to workout later today?Sometimes I set the alarm to workout early because I know there is something planned during the evening so this is my only chance to get that workout in. When you know it is the only time you have you are more likely get up.

c. Does my body need to rest? Am I sick? Am I being lazy?This question can be helpful because if you indeed feel more tired than usual that could be your bodies way of telling you to rest. It also helps you to understand your body better. If you are feeling healthy and don’t feel sick it is a good indicator you are just being lazy. It also helps you appreciate what WELLNESS feel like. You should be ecstatic you can get out of bed and move your body.

I have thought a lot about these questions because I traveled to the West Coast for work last week. With the time change being on my side, I worked out every single morning at the hotel gym. It was amazing and I had hoped to continue with this routine upon arriving home… then the alarm went off – and I pressed snooze… then I hit snooze again. Needless to say I did not workout the first morning I was back on the East coast. (or the second or the third..)

Oddly though, I have been extremely tired since coming home and it has been 3 days. Each morning I skip my workout, and after work I am so exhausted I can’t manage to workout then either. I went back and forth last night on whether or not I was going to do a workout and stopped and thought, ” What does my body need right now? Am I being lazy or do I need to just rest tonight?” That is when I realized I just needed to take a little break. Working out is almost always something I look forward to and enjoy doing so when I felt exhausted and dreadful about it I knew it was not the right time to be over exerting myself.

So next time you feel like you are forcing yourself to get a good sweat sesh in ask yourself if what you are planning on doing is right for you in that moment. You may find that your body needs something else a bit more low key.

If that morning Spin class or HIIT workout is not on your plate that day try something like the below instead:

10 minute morning stretching


flat road bike ride


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