Craving Sugar? 10 Tips To Beat Sugar Addiction

pexels-photo-141815I can remember as a little kid I would love when my Grandparents would come to visit. I always asked them to bring me candy. I can so clearly remember big halloween bag sizes of Starbursts. I even made the wrappers into long chains of necklace.  I became known as the candy lover and wanted it all the time. Maybe that is where my addiction began, but sadly sugar is hiding amongst all types of food – not always such obvious places like Starbursts.

Could you be addicted to sugar? Here are some signs you might have the sugar monkey on your back:

  1. You crave something sweet after each meal.. and can’t stop thinking about that sweet something and won’t stop thinking about it until you get it!
  2. You crave simple carbohydrates. Simple carbs such as bread, crackers, or pasta are broken down and converted into sugar glucose and then gets absorbed into the bloodstream – giving you that woohoo sugar energy that you wanted allll along.
  3. You eat sugary foods when you don’t particularly want to. I know it sounds crazy, but if you see cookies or candy and tell yourself you don’t want it and find yourself reaching for it anyway YOU GOTS A PROBLEM.

If you can identify with any of the above thennnn you might be addicted to sugar (said in a Jeff Foxworthy “you might be a redneck” tone).

So what do you do now? D E T O X .

In order to beat this addiction you need to cut it out completely. No, you are not going to never eat sugar again, but you will learn how to avoid processed sugar and incorporate real whole NATURAL sugars into your diet.

To get started, click on the link below for the top 10 tips for dealing with sugar addiction.




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