Good Craving : Workout Playlist

There is nothing like a great playlist to get you through a workout. The list I have compiled below is my favorite for cardio workouts. Yes, there are different playlists depending on the type of workout you are doing. This list is especially helpful when running outside or doing stairs.

DISCLAIMER: Everyone’s musical tastes are different so there is a chance you are totally not on the same page as me..if so – You are insane! (just kidding..kinda.)

Beyonce F. Kendrick LamarFreedom 

Jai WolfIndian Summer

Party Nails – Blow Me Away

Kanye West – RoboCop

Tove LoMy Gun

Miley Cyrus- Do My Thang

Dante Klein,Cheat CodesLet Me Hold You ( Turn Me On) 

Selena Gomez, KygoIt Aint Me 

Starley, Ryan Riback- Call On Me (Ryan Riback Extended Remix)

The KillersAll These Things That I’ve Done

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