Raw Food Reset: Day 2

As we come to a close on day 2 of my raw food reset challenge, I have discovered that following a raw diet is all about planning. It may sound silly, but if all you are eating is raw you need to be very careful about how many calories and macros you are taking in. Yes – it is easy to eat fruit and chopped veggies all day but if you are not eating the right types of fruits and veggies you are just taking in loads of sugar and missing out on some essential macro-nutrients.

Food prep is always smart but I believe it is necessary in order to maintain a raw diet, even if it is just for 3 days. ( Props to all the raw vegans out there, dang!)

I knew I was low in my protein yesterday so I aimed to hit a little higher for the 2nd day of my challenge. I did this by adding in a smoothie first thing in the morning before my green juice. I used chia seeds, banana, and kale along with some other raw ingredients to get me almost 10 extra grams of protein.

So why juice and why smoothies? Is one better than the other? Can you have them both? Well, I didn’t know all the answers so I did a little digging.

What is the difference between juicing and blending?

Blending is the process of thoroughly blending whole fruits and vegetables into a smoothie. Smoothies are made in

Juicing is the process of extracting the liquid content of whole foods through a special juicing machine. The fiber is then discarded.

When you juice a fruit or vegetable you are removing the pulp.  Pulp contains fiber and is great because it keeps your digestive tract healthy and it slows down the absorption of sugar. On the other hand it also slows down the absorption of nutrients. SO when you juice, you are extracting up to 70% of the nutrition right into your glass and without the insoluble fiber your body absorbs 100% of these nutrients.
So here is the solution.. have both!img_2971

I decided on a green smoothie this morning for my breakfast as I wanted something with a little bulk to it and keep me movin and groovin until my mid morning snack which was..a green JUICE!

Everybody is different so what may work for one person is not going to work for another. I think we can all agree that no matter what you choose, you are making the healthy choice by consuming so many healthy fruits and veggies.

Stay tuned for my 3rd and final day of the raw food challenge tomorrow and be on the lookout for some raw-esome recipes!

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