Why do we procrastinate?

4a7af8c7027ca40add62e722866fc79c.jpgSure, some people are real “go getters” and waste no time at all to complete their tasks. But there are some people ( myself included) that take the most menial errands and turn them into a month long dreaded project.

Of course this is not always the case, there are plenty of times where I wake up and just seize the day! Crossing off items on my “to do” list left and right. It is a great feeling. So why can’t it always be that way?  Why do we take the simplest tasks and turn them into month long agonizing projects?

Heres an example:

Desmond is the king of procrastinators

I needed to get my oil changed and my car inspected. ( Don’t get me started on the
missing hubcap!) An oil change is supposed to take place every 3,000 miles. I noticed it was just about that time and said, “eh, I can wait a week.” A week turned into 2 months. I went past my 3,000 miles by almost another 2,000 miles! Aside from the fact this was not the best thing for my aging car I was also dealing with my incessant anxiety over actually going and getting the oil changed. (ridiculous right!?)

When I finally did get my oil changed I felt a huge weight lifted. It only took 20 minutes and Jiffy Lube even vacuumed my front seats!

So why do we do this to ourselves? 

The days can go by fast. We wake up, we go to work, hang out with friends and our best intentions can be foiled by a Netflix marathon or endless piles of laundry. It is just easier to find excuses and push things off another day. Then the next day comes and everything begins to pile up. We begin to feel anxious, lazy, irritated and overwhelmed.

Imagine what it would feel like, or how it has felt in the past when we get sh*t done. Not just weekly errands, but real TO DOs. The feeling of accomplishment we get from a full and productive day is amazing. So challenge yourself. Take on the day full force and go to bed proud. I bet you will sleep better.

Now I am off to get my car inspection done!

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