My Favorite YouTube Workouts

It is very easy to stay home and skip the gym. This is more common when it begins to get colder and darker outside. ( Unless you were smart enough to live somewhere on the West Coast where the weather is always warm.)

Sticking to a workout routine is key to reaching your goals, and even if you are not going to the gym you can get an amazing workout in at home! I have been doing some at home workouts lately and would like to share my top 5 workout videos with you. These are all FREE on, and for some you do not need any equipment!

1.The 7 Best Ab Exercises

I found out about Rebecca Louise from my twin sister. This is a really hard and FAST ab workout. I am not sure if I hate Rebecca Louise or love her? I do know that I love how my abs are burning by the end of this 9 minute workout.

2.Tone It Up – Burn It Up!

I am slightly obsessed with Karena and Katrina from Tone It Up and I LOVE their workouts. You can buy their programs and DVDs, but they also have great FREE YouTube workouts. This one is one of my go to’s when I want to get something in at home and don’t have a ton of time. I always break a sweat and feel amazing when I am done.

3.Fitness Blender – Ultimate HIIT Workout

I have done Fitness Blender workouts in the past. This is a really great workout to do at home and no equipment is needed. I like that these videos use timers on the screen and they are a little bit longer than a typical workout video. Great warmups and cool downs too.

4.Be Fit – De-Stress Calming Meditation Routine

Everyone has to set aside at least 1 day a week to de-stress and get some great stretching in. I am guilty of skipping the stretching thing, but finding a great video like this makes it easy to meditate and stretch from the comfort of your own home! ( lock dog outside the room first) Lauren Roxburgh does a great job explaining how to be more aware and relaxed.

5.Tone It Up- Hitty Bitty Bikini Workout

Ok, I told you I love these ladies! They make it 2x on this list because all of their workouts are so great. This one is HARD. This is a great morning workout and will keep you burnin those calories all day long. This workout combines toning and cardio in each round and is a full body workout. You will be sweaty that is for dang sure.

Remember, you do not have to leave the house or go to the gym for a great workout. Don’t let the weather or pure laziness keep you from moving a little during the day. Try these out over the next week and you will be feelin svelte!

Also, do you think K&K will be friends with me?

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