Cookbook Review: Thug Kitchen

img_1705The moment I opened Thug Kitchen I knew I would love it. I have been told I have a gutter mouth more than once, so reading this book tugged at my heart strings. I love the voice of this book and I laughed out loud at lines such as :

“It’s easier to saute kale with some garlic than it is to eat pizza bites without burning our tongue.” or,” If you’re going to trail-blaze, then own your mistakes as much as your triumphs. Don’t fucking email us when you try switching bananas out for bell peppers and you’re disappointed with how it tasted.”

While the lines in this book are riddled with curse words, they are also filled with food knowledge and practical tips that any person could learn from. This book is great for first time cooks, and old pros such as myself.

I read this book front to back and decided to give one of these recipes a whirl when friends came over for dinner the other night. We decided on tacos for dinner, but to add some excitement I tasked myself with cooking the Thug Kitchen recipe: Sweet Potato, Squash, and Black Bean Enchiladas.

I wish I took a few pictures of how sweaty I got in the kitchen. This recipe was EASY, but it also has a lot of moving parts. I am sure it didn’t help that I was also prepping for tacos at the same time.

I give this recipe a rating of A-. The ingredients were easy to get-nothing unheard of, and aside from the prep work involved with each step , it was overall fairly simple. Check out my side by side comparison below. Their’s is a little prettier, but also done with professional photography 😉


My dinner guests enjoyed the dish thoroughly even though none of us are actual vegans. That is the true telling of a successful recipe. Turns out you don’t need meat and dairy to make a yummy main course.

This cookbook was fun to read and also fun to use and I can’t wait to cook more new and delicious vegan meals. I definitely suggest this book for anyone who loves to cook, knows nothing about cooking but wants to learn, and anybody with a good sense of humor.


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