Craving Humanity

It has been a rough couple days. The news is constantly filled with sad stories, senseless killings, and on going wars. I like to keep up with current events and have some knowledge of what is going on around the world, but sometimes it can be too much.

Last night I called my mom crying because I was so sad for the life and family of a young woman (a few years younger than me) recently killed while out on a run. She was visiting her mom for the weekend and went for a jog in the early afternoon. A place she has jogged many times before while visiting.

I think it is stories like these that are so much harder to deal with because it COULD be me. It could be my friends, or my sisters.  It could be a lot of young girls going for runs. So many times I have gone out for a run near my home, a place I run all the time. I throw my headphones on and hit the pavement. Usually in the zone of the workout, jamming out to the songs, and focusing on my distance or my time. I am certainly not thinking someone is going to snatch me up.

The sad part is, now I am fearing running outside. I don’t want to go for a jog even in the middle of the day. I certainly don’t want to go for a jog at night. If I do I want to stay close to the main road with lots of traffic. Which let’s face it, is not ideal.

The last few days after hearing this news I turned every light on and carried my phone with me while taking my dog out. Scared in my own backyard. How unfair?

Then, this morning I took my happy go lucky dog out for a walk before work. A man crossed the street towards us and I clenched onto the leash. I nervously smiled and said good morning and he greeted me as well. Then he stopped.

“What a handsome dog! I love dogs so much, do you mind if I pet him?”

This man knelt down and shmoozed my dog for about 10 minutes while telling me all about his dogs and of course showing me pictures of them. His name was Jerry and he was a plumber doing some work on my street. We introduced ourselves and he apologized for interrupting my walk, and even kissed my dog on the head and said, “Sorry, but I love dogs!”   I told him no apology needed.

It is hard to forget there is so much good in the world when sadness and fear mongering is taking place on every social media outlet. Stay alert, and be aware, but also be aware of the good around you.


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  1. Bad news is news because it is not what is expected. When we are shocked by the “good” stories that’s when we really need to be afraid.


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