I Crave Fast Food

I am craving fast food, but not the kind you are thinking of. It turns out it is possible to get food fast without immediate guilt and shame shortly after scarfing it down.

Not too long ago if you wanted fast food it meant hitting up your local McDonald’s or Burger King. Heck, my mouth used to water just thinking about a Chalupa from Taco Bell. ( I now shudder at the thought of that mystery ground beef they jammed in those..) These were not the most appealing options, especially while trying to stick to a healthy and clean lifestyle.

Now a days, in most places you can have the option of getting FAST food without getting FAT FAST. 

If you are craving a burger and fries, but want local all natural meat, and hand cut fries look for a nearby B Good.  I am a BIG fan of this place. Veggies and meat are sourced from local farms and seasonal veggies provide a large assortment of colorful and healthy salads.I also tend to eat vegetarian meals for lunch so the veggie burger they serve is a great option as well. I am currently obsessed with the Spicy Avocado and Lime Kale and Quinoa bowl. ( extra avocado please!)

Another FAST food spot I go to on the reg is Chipotle. Yes they may have massive burritos and cheesy gordeezee quesadillas, but they also have a yummy and healthy salad option.( yay salads!)  I almost always get a vegetarian salad when I visit this joint. While Chipotle prides themselves on healthy pasture raised animals, I still like to stick with  beans for my protein. Below is what I just picked up for lunch today, as I was in a hurry and had to get back to work.

Chipotle salad

  • peppers and onions
  • kidney and black beans
  • romaine lettuce
  • salsa
  • Guacamole

Shake it all up and you got yourself a filling and delicious meal! No need for dressing, the salsa and guac are more than enough to keep things tasty.

Remember, you can always indulge in “fast food” when the mood strikes and you don’t have to feel groggy and gross afterwards.




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