Listen to Your Body

When a craving first begins, the first question should be “Is this thing I am craving, something good for me or something bad for me?”

Sometimes when you think you are craving one thing, you’re body may actually be craving something completely different.

For instance, you eat because you are hungry..or are you? Maybe, your body is actually thirsty. This is why health experts often say to drink water before grabbing a snack. You may just need some hydration, rather than some mindless snacking.

Yes, eating junk food is way more fun than drinking H2O, but think of your body as your friend. Your “friend” being “inside of you”, (that could be taken out of context) is asking for something, and  you want to give your friend what they are asking for. If your friend is thirsty and wants water and you then give them pretzels instead, they are thinking,“these pretzels are making me thirsty!”and you have consumed empty calories. So why not skip the step of empty calories, and go right for the water.

Of course, this is not always the case.. you could actually be hungry. Hungry for whole, real, non-processed foods. Try the water first and see how you feel. This goes back to my main point, listening to your body.

Don’t mindlessly eat, eat with purpose! Drink with purpose! Of course this applies to healthful eating and drinking 🙂

The body is a powerful thing, and has its special ways of telling you what it craves.

Sometimes you just have to listen.


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