Let’s get GOOD

What determines a good craving vs a bad craving? Are all cravings created equally?

We don’t need to be speaking in regards to food only. You can be craving a person, a place, a thing, But what makes a craving good or bad?

Craving BAD + give into craving = guilty, shameful, angry, regretful.

Craving GOOD + giving into craving = happy, satisfied, excited, joyful.

When trying to figure out whether giving into a craving would be good or bad, just think of the equations above. This isn’t to say that eating a piece of birthday cake, or having a glass of wine is always bad or always good, but based on your goals and intentions what will the outcome be?

Giving into something in the moment is different than planning for that moment ahead of time. You can change something from bad to good by being in control of your choice. Plan your craving out, and be happy with your decision.

I am here to explore all different cravings. Why are we having these cravings? How do I avoid these cravings? Is this craving OK? How can I change my BAD craving to a GOOD craving?

I find that so often I give into a temptation (craving) to something I soon feel guilty and regretful about. Imagine giving into healthy and GOOD cravings? Side effect: Happiness and Satisfaction.

The definition of a craving according to Webster’s Dictionary is:




  1. a powerful desire for something.

    I don’t know about you, but I have been giving into toxic, negative, no good cravings for too long. It is time to make a change.

    I am not saying it will be easy, but it will definitely be worth it.My craving for health and wellness is now becoming my most powerful desire.



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